PALL-X BOND Item #62751

2-component waterborne bonding agent. Recoat with Confidence.

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PALL-X BOND Recoat Adhesion System is a 2-component waterborne bonding agent for recoating factory pre-finished or site finished wood flooring. PALL-X BOND is designed to provide an optimum bonding surface between existing and new finish coats without abrading in most cases.


  • Most factory prefinished wood flooring
  • Hand-scraped, beveled edge, wire brushed and distressed surface wood flooring
  • Wood floors coated with PALLMANN MAGIC OIL 2K
  • Wood floors coated with PALLMANN Waterborne Finishes
  • Wood floors coated with oil modified or waterborne finishes


  • Superior bonding properties • Works over MAGIC OIL 2K finished floors
  • Deep cleaning agent • Maximum contaminate removal
  • No sanding required • No dust
  • Effective for hand-scraped & beveled-edge floors
  • Fast drying • One day turnaround
  • Easy to apply • Quick roller application
  • Compatible with all PALLMANN Waterborne Finishes and MAGIC OIL 2K

Technical data


1 liter plastic bottle

Unit Size:

Component A: .75 L
Component B: .25 L


Milky when wet, clear when dry



VOC Content:

VOC of mixed components A&B does not exceed 250 grams per liter


Min. 12 months*


Clear when dry

Mixing Ratio:

 3:1 (A:B)


600 – 800 sq. ft per liter

Pot Life:

Approx. 30-45 min**

Set for Recoating:

After approx. 90 min., not later than
4 hours**

Application Tools:

Rollers (supplied in kit)

Storage and Working Temp:

Store between 50 and 75°F* (10-24°C)* and apply at room temperature (65 -80°F/18-27°C) for best results**

Ordering information

Item no. Packsize
62751 Component A: .75 L // Component B: .25 L


CBRE, Denver, Colorado

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