Magic Oil 2K on White Oak


Building type Commercial
Country USA

CBRE's new office located in downtown Denver overlooks the surrounding area with a view that is for miles to see.  Partnering with Acierno & Company they requested a low V.O.C stain color that could be applied to their wood floors and a two-component waterborne finish over the top of this to provide the ultimate in durability and protection.  MAGIC OIL 2K was selected due to its low V.O.C content (less than 9 V.O.C’s) and then top coated using our bonding agent PALL-X BOND and PALL-X 98.  The results are as gorgeous as the views that this office space provides.

Products used


PALLMANN® MAGIC OIL 2K is a 2-component hardened oil, penetrating finish for residential and commercial applications. It provides a velvety, matte finish that repels dirt and water and gives the floor a rich, European hand rubbed appearance.


PALLMANN® PALL-X BOND Recoat Adhesion System is a 2-component waterborne bonding agent for recoating factory pre-finished or site finished wood flooring. PALL-X BOND is designed to provide an optimum bonding surface between existing and new finish coats without abrading in most cases.


PALLMANN® PALL-X GOLD is a 2-component waterborne hardwood floor finish with unmatched durability and chemical resistance. It is ideal for high-wear commercial and residential applications.

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