PALLMANN® P5 Grip is a 1-component moisture cured STP (Silane Terminated Prepolymer) hybrid adhesive that combines the powerful flexibility of a PU (polyurethane) adhesive with the advantages of modern MS (modified silane) technology. With an extremely hard yet flexible ridge, this unique product develops high bond strength yet dissipates shear forces and reduces their damaging effect to the substrate.

Available in two sizes:
  • 2.5 gal (9.46 L) Plastic Container (#166423)
  • 20 oz (600 ml) Grip Tube (#166426)


PALLMANN® P7 is a 1-component polyurethane rapidsetting adhesive with firm ridging and superior green grab. Its foam expansion technology reduces the chances of hollow spots making it suitable for the installation of all types of wood flooring. It is solvent and water-free, eliminating any swelling effect on moisture sensitive wood flooring species.

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