NINJA Drive Plate Complete

Extremely effective grinding disc for mono disc grinding machines

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    Pallmann’s Ninja Drive Plate is specifically designed to tackle your toughest floor grinding projects. The Ninja plate conveniently fits onto a standard 16’’ buffer or PALLMANN SPIDER and is sold complete with your choice of one of our Drive Plate Segments. Adhesives, cut-back, and even thin-set can easily be removed with the Ninja in preparation for a new floor covering.


    • Mono disc grinding machines


    • Innovative
    • Effective
    • Easy to use
    • High Quality
    • Long-lasting cutting segments
    • Unique WOLFF design
    • Easy to change cutting segments (slide-lock system)
    • Diamond cutting segments for different removal requirements
    • Comes with application table

    Additional info

    Pallmann’s Ninja Drive Plate can achieve a CSP profile of 1 which allows substrates to be prepared properly for Pallmann’s moisture mitigation and primer products.

    NINJA Drive Plate Segments - Sold Separately

    High quality, long-lasting cutting segments for the Ninja Drive Plate. Easy to change due to the innovative slide-lock system. Diamond and particle embedded for different removal requirements.
    PCD Split Segment #68389
    Use on adhesives, thin leveling compounds and coatings
    PCD Scraper Segment #68388
    Use on thick adhesives, tile mortars, jute and fleece backing and thicker layers of leveling compound
    ES K20 Segment #68391
    For soft to very soft substrates
    BT K20 Segment #68390
    For hard to very hard substrates
    PCD ULTRA XT Orange Segment #75365
    For thick adhesives and thick compounds

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    NINJA Drive Plate 73767 8 lbs


    NINJA Drive Plate Complete

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    NINJA Drive Plate Segments

    High Quality, long-lasting cutting segements

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