Magic Oil Clean N Prep Item #42633

Deep cleaner for use on Pallmann Magic Oil 2K finished floors

PALLMANN® Magic Oil Clean N Prep is a cleaning emulsion specially formulated for deep cleaning of hardwood floors finished with PALLMANN® Magic Oil 2K and is also used to remove  PALLMANN® Magic Oil Care from floors. 

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  • For deep cleaning of hardwood floors finished with Pallmann Magic Oil
  • Removes Pallmann Magic Oil Care
  • Necessary for deep cleaning the surface in preparation for the re-application of Magic Oil
  • Cleans most oil and/or waxed wood floors


  • Cleaning emulsion

Technical data


1 quart plastic bottle




Minimum 24 months

pH Value:

7 (neutral)

Dilution Ratio

Normal soiling: 1:10 (1 part Clean to 10 parts water)

Heavy Soiling:



Store between 50-70°F (10-20°C). Keep from freezing.

Ordering information

Item no. Packsize
42633 1 quart plastic bottle

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