PALLMANN® CLEAN STRONG is a cleaning emulsion specially formulated to remove surface contamination from wood fl oors including dirt, grease, wax and most maintenance products in preparation for the application of PALLMANN® PALL-X BOND Recoat Adhesion System.
This product is for professional use only.


  • Site finished or factory finished wood flooring, solid or engineered
  • Finished cork flooring

Properties & Benefits


Technical data


1 quart plastic bottle

Shelf life:

Min. 24 months



Mixing ratio:

Dilution Ratio
Normal Soiling: 1:10 (1 part Clean Strong to 10 parts water)
Heavy Soiling: Undiluted

Working climate:

Store between 50-70˚F (10-20˚C). Keep from freezing.


< 210 g/L

Ordering information

Article Item no. Packsize
CLEAN STRONG US 1 qt (.95 L) 42634 *hide*

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PALLMANN® PALL-X BOND Recoat Adhesion System is a 2-component waterborne bonding agent for recoating factory pre-finished or site finished wood flooring. PALL-X BOND is designed to provide an optimum bonding surface between existing and new finish coats without abrading in most cases.

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