Color tester pucks for small areas

Magic Oil 2K is a perfect hybrid of natural oils and waxes. This unique two component finish produces a uniform matte, velvety surface that repels dirt and water. It is suitable for all raw wood floors, solid or engineered, solid cork flooring and is rated for use on radiant heat floor systems. Magic Oil 2K’s rapid drying properties allow for refinishing to be completed quickly, making it a perfect product to use for commercial applications.


  • For testing small areas of floor
  • Sanded wood flooring with filled gaps and cracks
  • Use on wood floors installed over warm water underfloor heating systems

Properties & Benefits

  • 2-component – Fast drying and chemical resistant

  • 7 - base colors • Unlimited design options
  • Low V.O.C’s – Safe, non-offensive on jobsites
  • Easy spot repaired – Will not leave applicator marks

Additional info

  • 9 x Magic Oil 2K Tester Color Pucks (all same color) 

Technical data

** Under optimal storage conditions*** Under optimal application conditions

9x 75 ml Magic Oil 2K Tester Color Pucks (all same color)

Shelf life:

12 months**


Neutral, Dark Brown, Red Brown, Grey, White, Black, Black-Brown

Mixing ratio:


Working climate:

Store between 50 and 70°F (10 – 20°C)** and apply at room temperature 65 – 75°F (18 – 25°C) for best results***

Pot life:

45 min – 60 min

Application time:

Foot Traffic: 12 hours***
Fully cured: 24 hours***

Ordering information

Article Packsize
MAGIC OIL 2K COLOR TESTER Kit - Black 66759 *hide*
MAGIC OIL 2K COLOR TESTER Kit - Black Brown 82133 *hide*
MAGIC OIL 2K COLOR TESTER Kit - Dark Brown 66756 *hide*
MAGIC OIL 2K COLOR TESTER Kit - Grey 66757 *hide*
MAGIC OIL 2K COLOR TESTER Kit - Neutral 38051 *hide*
MAGIC OIL 2K COLOR TESTER Kit - Red Brown 66758 *hide*
MAGIC OIL 2K COLOR TESTER Kit - White 66760 *hide*

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