P7 Adhesive Item #70935

1-component polyurethane rapid-setting wood flooring adhesive

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Pallmann P7 is a 1-component polyurethane rapid-setting adhesive with firm ridging and superior green grab. It’s foam expansion technology reduces the chances of hollow spots making it suitable for the installation of all types of wood flooring.


  • Solid wood flooring with no limitations on width or length
  • Engineered wood flooring with no limitations on width or length
  • Exotic species
  • Wood flooring on radiant heat systems
  • Wood flooring on most subfloors with adequate strength - such as concrete, fortified gypsum concrete, plywood, OSB

Properties & Benefits

  • Ready to use • No mixing required – pours easily out of the bucket
  • Easy to apply • Ideal buttery consistency – effortless troweling
  • Solvent and water free • Freeze/thaw stable 0 ̊F and above
  • Fast-setting and superior green • Promotes fast and secure wood floor grab installations – no flash time required
  • Good ridge formation • Promotes proper adhesive transfer flexible and board positioning
  • Suitable for most substrates • Bonds well to concrete, gypsum concrete, plywood, OSB, andproperly prepared leveling and patching compounds

    Technical data


    3 gallon metal pail

    Working Time:

    Approx 30 – 40 minutes*


    Min. 12 months



    Load bearing:

    After approx 24 hours*

    Sanding / Finishing:

    After approx 24 hours*


    65 sq. ft per gal / 195 sq. ft per pail (using B11 trowel)

    Final Strength:

    After 3 – 5 days*

    Freeze / Thaw Stable:

    0°F and above

    VOC Content:

    Does not exceed 10 grams per

    Working °F / C:

     Min. 60 – 85°F (15 – 25°C) min. 60°F at floor level

    Ordering information

    Item no. Packsize
    70935 3 gal. metal pail

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