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Cleaning wipes for removal of adhesive residues on wear surfaces, hands, and tools

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Damp cleaning cloths for gentle removal of adhesive residues from smooth surface finishes such as, e.g. parquet, tiling, rubber and PVC coverings. Especially suitable for use on fresh or dried, and partly also for hardened PU and epoxy resin adhesive residues. Also for hardened PU and epoxy resin adhesive residues. Pallmann cleaning cloths are also suitable for thorough cleaning of hands, tools and machinery; dissolves stains left by grease, oil, tar, graphite, wax, ink, etc.


  • Removal of 1-component and MSP adhesive residues, either fresh or dried, from wear surfaces such wood flooring and ceramic tile
  • Removal of 2-component and epoxy resin adhesive residues, either fresh or slightly cured
  • Removal of Dispersion adhesive residues, either fresh or dried, from wear surfaces such as wood flooring and PVC coverings fresh synthetic resin adhesive residues
  • Removal of Cement-based residues such as cement mortar film on ceramic tile
  • Removal of Contamination of grease, oil, tar, graphite, wax, ink, carbon, grass-stains and other stubborn soiling
  • Removal of Magic Oil 2K


  • Handy, re-sealable container • Easy access to cloths, no waste
  • Rapid drying without residue • Fast and effortless residue removal
  • Multipurpose use • Works on floor finish surfaces, hands and tools
  • Effective cleaning properties • Gentle on skin with pleasant, yet mild fresh smell
  • Very economical to use • Tremendous savings opportunity when cleaning adhesive residue off prefinished wood flooring

Technical data


Plastic pail containing 72 cloths / 6 pails per box




100% PP (polypropylene) soaked in liquid detergent

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70933 Plastic drum/72 cloths - 6 drums/ctn

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